I was walking on my way to the shuttle service terminal when I heard someone said "Hey Eds! How you doin?" I looked around and saw an old FRIEND. He became my buddy when we worked together in a same company. We traveled and climbed together with different mountaineering groups. I acquired some knowledge from him, like tips and information on drawing, photography, and travelling.

We’re still on the stage of finding ourselves back then. I made a mistake. I got envy with his talents and had a feeling of being his shadow, which caused a conflict between us. A gap started to grow until we became ENEMY. We stopped communicating... and time passed by.

I found what I was looking for. I met new people and found new things to focus my attention. I matured. I learned. I apologized to him and I was forgiven.

We don’t want to put away the friendship we had. Even though the gap has been filled up, the closeness is not the same as before. Now, every time we see each other, we just consider ourselves as ACQUAINTANCE, so we won’t expect too much from each other like when we we’re still friends.


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