The shuttle service has already left the terminal when I realized that I need to change one of my 500s for smaller bills, so that it won’t be inconvenient for the driver to look for a change since the fare is only 45 pesos. Then I thought maybe it’ll be ok since there are other 11 passengers in the service, that’ll be enough get a change for 500.

What the heck? – Yeah, why do I need worry about it?

Oh well, let’s just be kind enough to understand that most of our passenger vehicle drivers are victims of poverty. They can’t keep extra money as change for bills bigger than 100 pesos, especially those who are driving tricycles. This reminds me of a tricycle driver who can’t give me a change of 6 pesos. He apologized and told me that he already used the money to buy food for dinner. I almost got irritated but as a person who wanted to make a difference, I just went to a store nearby to exchange the 20 peso bill for coins.

Taking a small responsibility of preparing small bills before riding a passenger vehicle can save us and the others from inconveniency.


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